Kalyan Chart – 37 Crore Bharti Airtel User Data breach by Chinese hackers, company responded to their customer

Airtel User Data: The number of users using Airtel’s services in India is very high. In such a situation, Airtel also has the personal data of crores of users in India and if the personal data of common people gets leaked from Airtel’s server, then common users can suffer a lot.

Big allegation on Airtel

On Friday morning, a similar news spread on social media, in which it was being said that Chinese hackers have hacked Bharti Airtel’s servers and put their users’ data up for sale on the dark web. Users were shocked as soon as this news spread, but Airtel issued a statement after some time and completely denied this allegation.

A user posted on Twitter (old name Twitter) and shared some pictures and claimed that Chinese hackers have hacked Airtel’s server and stolen the data of about 375 million i.e. 37.5 crore users.

Hackers have stolen many personal data of Airtel users such as mobile number, Aadhaar number, home address etc. and this data is being made available for sale on the dark web. According to this report, the price of stolen data of Airtel users on the dark web has been set at $ 50,000 i.e. about Rs 41 lakh. The name of this hacker group is said to be ‘xenZen’

The company made a big claim

Airtel has strongly denied this allegation. The company has said that this report is completely fake. There has been no cyber attack on the company’s server nor has any user’s data been stolen.

Airtel says that the aim of this allegation is to gain personal benefit by tarnishing Airtel’s reputation. We have thoroughly investigated this matter and can confirm that no user data has been leaked from Airtel’s server.

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