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AI Chatbots on your Android Phone: The trend of generative AI chatbots is spreading rapidly all over the world. Everyone wants to use AI chatbots. Keeping this in mind, companies are also making their AI chatbots available in local languages. So that the user gets a different experience while using AI chatbots.

Most chatbots have been made available to users. Some companies have also launched them in the form of apps for the convenience of users. Android users can easily access these AI chatbots. Let us know which AI chatbot will be right for you.

Google Gemini

Mini Chatbot is Google’s latest AI app, which you can download from the Play Store. Once you install it, Gemini replaces the default Google Assistant on your phone. It uses machine learning to provide human responses to text, images, and audio prompts. Apart from this, you can ask it questions and it will respond with text, code, or images.

Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft’s AI chatbot Copilot was earlier known as Bing Chat. Copilot will work like OpenAI’s GPT 4 LLM. Apart from this, it is available in the form of an app for Android users. With the help of Microsoft Copilot, you can create images, ask questions on any topic. Apart from this, you will be able to do a lot more with its help. Users can also use Microsoft Copilot inside the Telegram app.


You can use Meta AI on all its social media platforms and apps like Instagram and WhatsApp. With the help of prompts on the Meta AI bot, you can get information, suggestions and more information. Apart from this, you can also ask to create an image based on the input.

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