Kalyan Chart – Bajaj Freedom 125 CNG Mileage: The best bike for going to office is here, forget about filling 2 kg of CNG, it will not cost anything for 330 km

New Delhi. Petrol prices have increased so much that now riding a bike has also become expensive. Due to this, the demand for bikes giving more mileage has also increased. Petrol expenses increase even more when you use a bike every day to go to office or work. In such a situation, two-wheeler manufacturer Bajaj (Bajaj Auto) has launched a bike that can reduce the increasing burden on the pockets of crores of people of the country.

Recently, Bajaj has launched the world’s first CNG-powered bike Bajaj Freedom 125 in India. This bike is capable of running on both petrol and CNG fuel. Bajaj Freedom can give relief to the common people of the country from the huge expenditure on petrol. If you want to buy a mileage bike to go to office, then this bike will be best for you. Here we are telling you the figures related to its mileage…

Bajaj Freedom 125: What is the mileage
This bike runs on the world’s first dual fuel technology (petrol-CNG). The company has installed a 2-liter petrol tank along with a 2-kg CNG tank in it. This bike can cover a distance of 217 kilometers in a full tank of CNG. That is, the bike gives a mileage of 108 kilometers on one kilo of CNG. At the same time, the mileage of this bike on petrol alone is 58 kilometers. If you fill a full tank of petrol in this bike, then it can be driven up to 106 kilometers on petrol alone. The full tank range of the bike on both fuels is 330 kilometers.

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The company can start delivery of the bike soon. (Image- News18)

What is the price?
The starting price of Bajaj Freedom 125 has been fixed at Rs 95,000 (ex-showroom). The company has introduced it in three variants – Disc LED, Drum LED and Drum. The drum variant of this bike is priced at Rs 95,000, Drum LED is priced at Rs 1,05,000 and Disc LED is priced at Rs 1,10,000. All prices are as per ex-showroom.

Freedom 125 CNG bike has features like LED headlight, monoshock rear suspension, LED headlight and full digital instrument cluster. The company has given the bike a robust design. Before launching it, the company has put it through 11 different types of crash tests. The bike has a long seat for a comfortable ride.

Engine and power
The company has installed a 125cc dual fuel engine in it which generates 9.5PS of power and 9.7Nm of torque. The bike has a 5-speed gearbox. The bike’s kerb weight is 148 kg. This will also give you better handling and high speed stability in the bike.

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