Kalyan Chart – Chandrayaan 4 Mission: ISRO’s Somnath says mission will return with samples

Chandrayaan 4 Mission: India and its space agency ISRO created history last year by landing the Chandrayaan-3 mission on the surface of the moon. India became the first country in the world whose Vikram lander and Pragyan rover landed on the south pole of the moon. After this achievement, discussions about the Chandrayaan-4 mission began. Now for the first time, information about Chandrayaan-4 has been given by ISRO. ISRO says that Chandrayaan-4 will be launched in two parts and its parts will be assembled in space.

According to the Indian Express report, ISRO Chief S. Somnath said this at the India Space Congress 2024. He said that Chandrayaan-4 will bring samples from the moon. It is worth noting that this week China’s Chang’e 6 mission has reached Earth with 2 kg samples from the moon. It collected samples from the far side of the moon which is not visible from our Earth. China has become the first country in the world to bring samples from the far side of the moon.

However, talking about India’s Chandrayaan-4 mission, the ISRO chief says that the mission will not be launched in one go. All the parts of the spacecraft will be sent into space through two launches and the parts of the spacecraft will be assembled in space before landing on the moon.

Why will the mission be launched in two parts?

ISRO says that the weight capacity of Chandrayaan-4 can be more than the most powerful rocket ISRO has. For this reason, there are plans to launch the mission in two parts. If this happens, then it will be the first mission in the world, which will be flown in two parts and the spacecraft will be joined in space.

If this mission is successful, ISRO will create history in the world. ISRO Chief has also said that the aim of the mission is to bring back samples from the moon. ISRO is currently working on how the spacecraft will be attached in space. Before launching the mission, ISRO would like to confirm this capability through another mission.

So far, only three countries of the world – America, Russia and China – have been able to bring back samples from the moon. If India also does this, then its achievement will be completely different.

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