Kalyan Chart – China left America behind by filing the most generative AI patents in 10 years

China AI Patents: China’s growing power is challenging the developed countries of the world in every field. We have seen its threat in the space sector. Even superpower America is not able to stop Chinese intentions. It is going to be difficult and tough in the future, because now China can dominate the field of AI (Artificial Intelligence) as well. The World Intellectual Property Organization has released the ‘Generative AI Patent Status Report’. According to the report, from 2014 to 2023, Chinese inventors have applied for the highest number of generative AI patents. This is more than America, South Korea, Japan and India.

According to the report, in the last 10 years, the number of applications of AI-related inventions across the world reached 54 thousand. 25% of these applications came last year itself. The report says that between 2014 and 2023, the number of generative AI experiments in China reached more than 38 thousand. That is, out of a total of 54 thousand applications, 38 thousand have been submitted by China alone. This number is six times more than the US, which occupies the second position.

According to the report, generative AI has now spread to industries such as life sciences, manufacturing, transport, security and telecommunications. Photo and video data dominate generative AI patents. After that, patents related to voice and music have been filed. Generative AI patents are also growing rapidly for molecular, genetic and protein data.

Remember that generative AI can be used directly by you and me, i.e. users. With its help, people are able to create things like text, photos, music, computer code. The world’s big tech companies – Google, Facebook are also bringing their products in the field of generative AI.

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