Kalyan Chart – Data Breach of 375 Million Airtel Users Containing Personal Information on Sale in Dark Web Company Denies Hack

Data breach is the scariest thing in the digital world, where personal information of millions of people falls into the hands of people with wrong intentions. Not only small companies but also big companies face this problem. Airtel’s name has come up in the latest data breach, where an X handle has claimed that the personal data of 375 million Indian users of the company is being leaked and sold. According to the claim, the breached data includes very sensitive information like users’ name, address, mobile number, family and Aadhaar information. After the news of the breach spread, Airtel has said in a statement that the claimed breach is completely baseless.

Many handles sharing news related to dark web and data breach on X (formerly known as Twitter) have claimed that the data of 375 million users of Indian telecom operator, Bharti Airtel has been leaked and is being sold online on the dark web. It is being claimed that an agent named xenZen is behind this breach, which is openly selling this data on the dark web. The data is being sold in a community named BreachForums.

It claims that the breach took place in June 2024 and the stolen information includes sensitive information such as user name, date of birth, father’s name, local address, permanent address, alternate number, email ID, gender, nationality, connection type, SIM activation date, Aadhaar, photo ID proof details and address proof details.

However, Airtel has completely denied the news of this data breach. The company has denied the news in a statement given to 91mobiles. Statement “Based on preliminary investigation, we can confirm that there has been no data breach in Airtel’s systems,” it said.

Data breaches happen frequently, involving big companies as well. In April this year, news came that customer data of India’s audio brand boAt was leaked. The company’s 7.5 crore users’ private data was reportedly leaked on the dark web. This was revealed in a Forbes India report. The data leak was said to include users’ private information such as name, address, phone number, email address, customer ID and much more.

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