Kalyan Chart – Fraud is happening by changing voice through AI, know how to save yourself from getting trapped

AI Voice Cloning Scam- India TV Hindi

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AI Voice Cloning Scam

AI Voice Cloning Scam: These days, many cases of fraud have come to light in which voices are changed using AI or Artificial Intelligence. Cybercriminals call people in the voice of their relatives or acquaintances and ask for money and then empty their accounts. Ever since generative AI tools like ChatGPT have become popular, hackers have also got a new weapon for cyber fraud. The voice is changed by AI in such a way that you will not have the slightest idea that this voice is not of someone you know.

For example, cyber criminals will change their voice and ask for money from you in the name of your brother or sister. Then to return your money, they will ask for personal information related to your bank account and will commit fraud with you. Not only this, many such incidents have also come to light in which hackers change their voice and become police officers and scare you by making you listen to the voice of your family members and ask for money. If you want to avoid such AI voice cloning scams, then you have to keep some things in mind.

Caution is protection

  • The easiest and most important way to avoid such scams is to be cautious. If you are cautious, you can save yourself from such scams.
  • As soon as the scammers talk to you with a changed voice, you have to listen to the voice carefully. Here you will get many types of warning signs, in which the hackers talking with a changed voice will be in a hurry and will ask you to make the payment on their behalf or they will tell you that they have forgotten to bring the card in a hurry and you should make the payment on their behalf.
  • Hackers will repeat the same thing again and again, which will be a warning sign for you that the voice has been changed through AI and an attempt is being made to defraud you.
  • Apart from this, you should not share your Aadhar card, bank details, password, bank account number, etc. even by mistake when you receive a call from anyone.
  • If you get a hint that hackers have called you, then report their number on the Chakshu portal launched by the government. By doing this, someone else can be saved from being fraudulent.

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