Kalyan Chart – Free Fire Max Redeem Codes of 27th June 2024 100 percent working on 7th anniversary how to redeem ff codes in hindi Free Rewards

Free Fire Redeem Codes: Gamers who play Free Fire Max always expect some new rewards. This is a game in which gamers keep getting some reward from the developing company. Actually, there are many special gaming items in this game, like character, pet, emote etc. To get these items, diamonds have to be spent, which is the in-game currency of this game and to buy this currency, gamers have to spend real currency i.e. rupees.

7th Anniversary Special Redeem Codes

Most gamers in India do not want to spend money on any game. For this reason, Garena releases events and redeem codes to provide gaming items to its gamers for free. Through these, gamers get gaming items without spending money and by playing games with them, they improve their gaming experience.

Redeem Codes for 27 June 2024

At this time, many events are also going on in Garena to get rewards and redeem codes have also been issued. Actually, Garena has released the latest update i.e. OB45 Update in Free Fire Max on the previous day i.e. 26 June 2024, with which the company has also organized many special events. Apart from this, today i.e. on June 27, Garena is also going to celebrate the seventh anniversary of Free Fire Max and to make this occasion special, Garena has also announced many special events, through which gamers can win many special gaming rewards.

To make this day special, Garena has released many active redeem codes along with events, using which gamers can also get rewards. Let us tell you about these redeem codes. Through these codes, gamers can get skins, weapons, vouchers and loot crates today.

100% Working Redeem Codes

– 4VX6E9R3B7W2Y5GN


– K4S6P9T1X3R7L5BN

– Y2Q6C5R1V9WS8XZ3

– G7N4B5W1V3X6R8TQ

– Z3N2Q1X6W4R9V7C8

– L5B7W3R6N2Z4X8CQ

– F1V7B2X3W5N6R8GQ

– T9C5R4V7SW2X6B1N

– X6R3SC9B2V5W7N1Q

– W8R9V7N3C2X5QS1B

– Q1N6C9R47W4X2V5B

– B5W8N2V7C4R1X43Q

– V7N24R6B1C3Q5W9X

– R3W7X2Q5V9B1AC6N

– C4B7AW1N5V3Q2X8R

– N6B3V8W1X5R7AC9Q

– X2V5ZN9R4C1W6Q3B

– Q7W4R8B5N1C9ZX3V

– V3X6B9C2ZR4Q7W5N

100% Active Redeem Codes





















How to claim these codes?

  • For this, gamers will first have to visit the redemption website of Free Fire Max.
  • After that gamers will have to login to their Free Fire Max ID.
  • After that, gamers will have to enter the above-mentioned codes one by one.
  • Now gamers have to click on the confirm button.

After completing this process, if the code is correct, a notification of successful redemption will appear on your screen and the reward will be deposited in the reward section of your gaming account within the next 24 hours. At the same time, if the code is not active, an error message will appear on your screen and you will not get any reward. In such a situation, we do not guarantee the codes mentioned above, because they remain active for a very limited time and limited gamers.

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