Kalyan Chart – Free Fire Max Redeem Codes of 5 July 2024 100 percent working Active how to redeem ff codes in hindi Free Rewards

Free Fire Redeem Code: For gamers playing Free Fire Max, redeem codes play a very important role in this game. Through redeem codes, gamers can get many special gaming items like characters, emotes, pets, weapons, gun skins, glue wall skins and costume bundles for free, whereas usually diamonds have to be spent to get them.

Redeem Codes for 5th July 2024

Diamonds are the in-game currency of this game, for which gamers have to spend a lot of money. Let us tell you about some active and working redeem codes of today i.e. 5th July 2024. You can use these codes by following the steps given below.

100% Active Redeem Codes

– 7DS6G8H2K9L0P3JF

– X4V0Z9B6N5M7Q2WR

– Y3T6L2K9U1I5O8PQ

– H5J3M7N1B9V8C4X2

– D0F2G9R4E6T7Y1U8

– S9A6Z8X7C4V3B2N1

– Q2W7E4R9T0Y1U5I6

– L3K9J1H7G2F5D4S6

– N8M5B2V6C1X0Z3Q7

– U1I8O5P4Y7T2R6E3

– 4V5B1N2M3DL7K8J9

– 6GD3H2F4D5S7A9Z0

– X8C1V7B3N5M4Q6W2

– T9R0Y6U5I3O1P2L8

– J7K4H6G2F9D1S5A3

– E2R6T4Y5U1I8O7P0

– 3Q9W2E1R8T7Y0U6I

– 5S1A3D2F6G8H49K7

– M0N7B6V5C2X1Z4Q3

– O6P2L9K3J7H5G1F4

100% Working Redeem Codes

– A7B4K9P2S3W1X8R6

– M5F2T3C8E1N6Y7J4

– Q9L6D8H2G1V4R7K3

– U2P1R4X7Z3S6J8V5

– H6D7F2M3P8R9T5W1

– N8K3B4Y2C7D1H6X9

– G3T6Z7K2J8D4R9W5

– E1S4Y7F2V6P9M3T5

– R7W9K3B1X8V5G2C6

– J4H2D6S3F8W1N7Y5

– C8X3K7R2T9V6W4P1

– S6F7T2R1P4M3B5G9

– W1P7V3K5H8Z4T6D2

– B4N6F1H7K2J3R8S5

– D2G6C7T3V8W1P9M4

– V5R8M3T2N7W6D1S4

– Y9B5S6J2K7G4H1X3

– P4D6R2J1M9T3W7C5

– F2X9D4S6V7R3P1T5

– K7C8H3J4D1T6W2G5

How to use these codes?

  • For this, gamers will first have to visit the redemption website of Free Fire Max.
  • After that, gamers will have to login to their Free Fire Max ID, for which many options will be given there.
  • After that a new screen will open in which a box will appear. Gamers will have to enter the codes mentioned above one by one in the same box and then click on the confirm button.

After completing this process, a notification of successful redemption will appear on the gamers’ screen and within 24 hours a new gaming item will be credited as a reward in the reward section of the gamers’ gaming account. If an error message appears on the screen while redeeming the code, then understand that the validity of that code has expired. In this case, gamers will not get any reward. In such a situation, we will not guarantee these codes.

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