Kalyan Chart – Galaxy AI features will remain FREE until 2025, see the name of the phone in the list, Gadgets News

Samsung has given a great gift to its customers. Actually, the company has made its AI features free till 2025, that is, now eligible users will not have to pay for these features. Let us tell you that to improve the user experience and allow them to do a lot with their phones with the help of AI-based tools, the company announced Galaxy AI with the Samsung Galaxy S24 series.

The Galaxy AI features can help users do a lot more, including translating audio or text in real-time and searching for things on the internet by simply drawing circles. Notably, these features are free for now, but forever. Here’s what Samsung has to say about it…

Samsung Galaxy AI features will be free until 2025

– Samsung has announced that it is showcasing AI-capable Galaxy devices by opening seven Galaxy Experience Spaces globally.

– According to Samsung, Galaxy AI features will be free on eligible Galaxy devices until the end of 2025, and once again reminded that charges for using Galaxy AI may start in 2026.

Although it is not confirmed, there is a possibility that Samsung may bring a paid subscription of Galaxy AI and call it “Galaxy AI+” in 2026. However, the basic or existing Galaxy AI features may be offered for free like other companies.

Notably, many generative AI-based virtual assistants like Open AI’s ChatGPT, Microsoft Copilot or Google’s Gemini were initially announced for free. However, they later came with paid subscriptions.

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Some special features of Samsung Galaxy AI:

– Circle to Search: This is built in collaboration with Google and allows users to search by long-pressing the home button. Users can circle, highlight and tap anything on the screen to see search results.

– Chat Assist: Galaxy AI’s Chat Assist feature helps users communicate by suggesting appropriate replies and sentences. It also translates messages in real-time across 13 languages.

– Interpreter: This feature works as a translation tool for conversations with people who speak different languages. It translates live conversations with a split-screen view, allowing both people to read the translated text and work together even without internet connectivity.

– Photo Assist: The Photo Assist feature helps users improve their photography with the help of generative edit tools. This feature allows users to edit photos to enhance or improve them.

Here’s the list of phones and tablets eligible for Galaxy AI:

– Galaxy S24 Series

– Galaxy S23 series

– Galaxy S22 series

– Galaxy S21 series

– Galaxy S23 FE

– Galaxy Z Fold 5

– Galaxy Z Flip 5

– Galaxy Z Fold 4

– Galaxy Z Flip 4

– Galaxy Z Fold 3

– Galaxy Z Flip 3

– Galaxy Tab S9 Series

– Galaxy Tab S8 Series

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