Kalyan Chart – Hackers claim- We have data of 37.5 crore Airtel users, company denies breach

If you are also an Airtel customer, then this news may bother you. Actually, on Twitter and a web forum, there is a discussion that the data of 375 million i.e. about 37.5 crore Airtel users has been leaked and is being sold on the dark web. However, Airtel said in its statement that this discussion is baseless. The company says that the hacker claiming to have the data of Airtel users is just trying to fool people. They clearly deny that there has been any breach in the Airtel system.

Airtel said the talk of data breach is baseless

Airtel said in its official statement, “There have been reports alleging that Airtel customer data has been compromised. This is nothing less than a desperate attempt by vested interests to tarnish Airtel’s reputation. We have conducted a thorough investigation and can confirm that there has been no breach of Airtel systems.”

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375 million Airtel users data leak

Kalyan Chart - Hackers claim- We have data of 37.5 crore Airtel users, company denies breachNetflix is ​​available for free for 84 days, Jio and Airtel customers are having a great time

This is how the matter came to light

The buzz started when a Twitter account named FalconFeeds.ai shared a screenshot of a forum post in which a hacker – identified as xenZen – was selling data of 375 million (37.5 crore) Airtel users. The post was made on BeachForums, where users often buy and sell stolen data. According to the BeachForums post, the data includes mobile number, name, date of birth, father’s name, address, email ID, gender and nationality, Aadhaar number, photo ID proof details, address proof details.

While there is no clarity on whether this alleged data of 375 million (37.5 crore) customers is actually in the hands of a hacker or hackers, and if there has been a breach in Airtel systems, security researchers believe it is not fake. Nicholas Crassus, who works with Henkel AG to combat cybersecurity threads, retweeted the information about the alleged Airtel data breach.

India’s Data Protection Act is still not active: Expert

Srinivas Kodali, who often comments on cybersecurity matters in India, wrote on X, “Airtel has been hacked by a dangerous person based in China. He has listed the data of 37.5 crore Airtel customers for sale, including their Aadhaar numbers. The person who listed this data for sale on the breach forum has now been suspended on the forum. India’s Data Protection Act is still not activated.”

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375 million Airtel users data leak

Although Airtel has denied that its systems have been breached, it is important to note that – whether you are an Airtel user or not – data belonging to Indian companies has been leaked or hacked before. And whether you have been affected or not, you should always be vigilant about cybersecurity. To stay safe, you can follow the tips given below…

1. Keep changing passwords: Update passwords for all online accounts linked to the hacked email address.

2. Monitor the account: Check bank and credit card statements regularly to avoid any unauthorized transactions.

3. Enable two-factor authentication: Add an extra layer of security to online accounts.

4. Beware of phishing: Avoid clicking on suspicious links or giving personal details to unknown sources.

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