Kalyan Chart – Hari Om OTT launched in India with 36 rupees annual subscription, India’s first mythological platform

Hari Om OTT: The world of OTT has pushed the entertainment of TV channels back! For the past few years, Indian viewers have been exploring it as a major medium of entertainment. There is a lot of content on OTT, but the amount of religious content is limited. To bridge this gap, a new OTT platform named Hari Om has been launched. It has been developed by the founder of Ullu App, which is known for serving adult content. Obviously Ullu and Hari Om are completely different from each other.

Hari Om has been brought on a large scale. According to a PTI report, this OTT is starting with more than 20 mythological shows, including ‘Shri Tirupati Balaji’, ‘Chhaya Graha Rahu Ketu’, ‘Maa Lakshmi’, ‘Mata Saraswati’, ‘Jai Jagannath’ etc. It is claimed that good actors and crew have been selected to work in these.

According to the report, big budget sets have been erected in most of the shows. Sharad Malhotra (Lord Krishna), Rati Pandey (Mata Saraswati), Yukti Kapoor (Maa Lakshmi), Mrinal Jain (Rahu-Ketu) and Vishal Karwal (Lord Vishnu) will be seen in the characters. The subscription of Hari Om is quite cheap. It can be watched for the whole year for just Rs 36.

It is claimed that this app will have ‘U’ rated content for children, adults and the elderly. Viewers will also be able to listen to bhajans in video and audio format. Along with this, curated animated content and podcasts on mythology will also be heard. This app will also have features like live aarti of major temples, prasad booking, news related to temples.

Currently, 2 new original shows – ‘Shri Tirupati Balaji’ and ‘Chhaya Graha Rahu Ketu’ have been launched on the app. Other shows are also lined up. Vishal Karwal is in the lead role in ‘Shri Tirupati Balaji’. This series depicts the religious story of Shri Hari Vishnu’s incarnation as Srinivasan on the Tirumala hills. Mrinal Jain is in the lead role in the show named Chhaya Graha Rahu Ketu. The show shows the story of Asur Swarnbhanu, who becomes immortal after drinking nectar and is later punished by Lord Vishnu.

Where can you download it from

Hari Om app play storecan be downloaded on App Store, Google TV, Samsung TV, Apple TV, LG TV as well as Fire TV.

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