Kalyan Chart – How often should the AC filter be cleaned? This mistake will ruin your air conditioner in the rain

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AC filters should be cleaned even during the monsoon season.

If you are also using an air conditioner in your house during the monsoon rainy season, then this news is useful for you. Actually, in the summer days we take great care of AC to get cool air, but in the monsoon, a little carelessness can damage our expensive AC. During the monsoon season, there is a need to take special care of the AC filter.

Let us tell you that the most important part of any air conditioner is its air filter. The air flow passes through this filter and we get cool air. If we do not take care of the filter, then we do not get cooling from the AC and at the same time there is extra pressure on the AC.

Clean the AC filter in these many days

We should keep cleaning the AC filter so that it works properly during the monsoon season. Many people keep using the AC for months without cleaning the filter. If you are also doing this then you should be careful. Let us tell you after how many days the AC filter should be cleaned.

How often should you clean the AC filter during the monsoon season depends on your usage. If you are running the AC for 10-12 hours every day even in the rain, then you should clean the air filter every 30 days i.e. one month.

The air filter prevents dirt from entering the AC, so gradually dusty dirt accumulates in it, so it should be cleaned regularly so that the AC is not stressed. If you use the AC only for 5-6 hours daily, then you should clean the AC filter in 5-7 weeks.

This is why cleaning the AC filter is important

As we have told you, air enters the AC only after passing through the air filter. If dirt accumulates on the AC filter, the air flow will be affected, which will have a bad effect on the compressor. If dirt remains accumulated in the filter for a long time, it also affects the performance of the AC.

Cleaning the AC filter is very important to reduce the electricity bill from the AC. If you keep the AC filter clean regularly, it will provide more cooling, due to which your room will cool down very quickly and you will not need to run the AC for a long time.

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