Kalyan Chart – How to be safe from AI Voice Call Fraud and Cyber ​​Crime Tips and Tricks in Hindi

Voice Fraud Alert: Nowadays, with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), new methods of fraud by imitating voice are emerging. Fraudsters cheat people by imitating their voices and extort money from them. This problem has become a matter of concern especially for the youth and the elderly.

How does fraud happen through voice?

Using AI, fraudsters can mimic anyone’s voice exactly. They call in the voice of someone familiar, pretend to be in an emergency and ask for money. For example, in Madhya Pradesh, a person received a crying call in his son’s voice, after which the person immediately transferred Rs 50,000 thinking he was helping his son. Later it was found out that this was a fake call.

Why does this fraud happen?

  1. Misuse of social media: Fraudsters can take your voice and video from social media and use it to make fake calls.
  2. Voice recording: These people can create fake calls with the help of your little voice recording and AI technology.
  3. fake call: They call you and ask for your personal information on some pretext (bank, insurance etc.) and then use it for fraud.

How can we save ourselves?

  1. Avoid unknown calls: Be careful while picking up calls from unknown numbers. Do not trust them without thinking.
  2. Confirm the call: Do not trust any emergency call immediately. Check it before trusting it.
  3. Focus on social media: Do not share your voice and personal information publicly.
  4. Use security apps: Use apps that help identify fake calls.
  5. Be cautious with the bank: Be careful while using banking services and immediately inform the bank about any fraudulent transaction.

New thinking needed

Cyber ​​advisors say that we should not blindly trust every call or message. It is important to check it first. Awareness and vigilance are the biggest measures to avoid fraud.

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