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Tips to Maintain AC During Monsoon: AC has become a necessity in every home today. As the temperature increases in summer, its demand also starts increasing. AC works to control and make the temperature of any place or room uniform. Most people want to keep the temperature of AC below 20°C in summer and run the fan at full speed. But do you know how to use AC in rainy season?

Run the AC blower at low speed

We get cool air from AC in the room with the help of blower. As the cooling coil is cold, the blower draws air from it and cools the entire room. In summer we increase the speed of the blower, but in rainy season the blower should be run at a lower speed.

Use AC in humid mode

In the rainy season, the heat is somewhat less but there is a lot of moisture in the atmosphere, which makes us feel sticky. The job of AC is to remove moisture. Many ACs have a humid mode which you can see in the remote, it looks like droplets on the remote.

Cleaning the Blower of the AC Indoor Unit

The blower of the AC should be cleaned from time to time. This increases the air flow of the AC. Take the brush near the blower and move it in the horizontal direction. You can also spread a newspaper under the AC so that the dust falls on the paper. After cleaning the blower with the brush, when you turn on the AC, move away from the front because some dust may fall on your face when the AC is running.

At what temperature should you run the AC?

It is not very hot during the rainy season. That is why you do not need to put much pressure on the AC. That is, you should not run the AC at low temperatures. The normal temperature of AC is 24 degrees Celsius. If you run the AC at this temperature, there will not be much pressure on the AC and your electricity consumption will also be less. That is why it is perfect to run the AC at 24 degrees during the rainy season.

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