Kalyan Chart – How to take care of the car in the rain, follow these tips related to engine and tyres, if you do not take care then the car will become junk!

Car Care Tips: The rainy season has started in some parts of the country as soon as the monsoons arrived. Rain gives great relief to people after summer but some problems also increase in the rain. Especially, waterlogging causes traffic jams at many places. In such a situation, it becomes very important to take care of the car during the rain. If the car is not taken care of due to rain, then there can be a big loss. Because, due to the accumulation of dirt and water on the roads due to rain, rusting of cars, problems of electric devices and battery can arise.

There are some special tips which must be followed to protect the car from rust and mud during the rainy season. Let us tell you…

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Keep an emergency kit ready

-Keep an emergency kit ready to protect the car during the rainy season. Keep flash lights and batteries along with umbrellas and raincoats in this kit.

-Keep a waterproof bag to store essential items in the car during an emergency.

Apart from this, also keep a small tool kit and first aid kit.

What to keep inside the car

-Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and moisture from the car floor and seats.

-Use waterproof mats.

– To prevent the growth of bacteria, fungus and other small insects, keep disinfecting the AC regularly. Because, this fungus spreads in the car.

-Keep the car gates and windows closed properly to avoid any kind of leakage.

-Whenever you take your car out of water during rain, check thoroughly to see if there is any leakage.

-Use defroster to clean car windows and use air freshener.

tyre related tips

-Check the car’s tyre pressure regularly during rain.

-Replace worn out tyres of the car immediately during rainy season.

Pay special attention to these things

-Check headlights, taillights, fog lamps and brake lights in the rain.

-During rainy season the brakes of the car get affected due to water so ensure that the brake oil level and handbrake function are working properly.

-Do not drive the car at high speed when water accumulates on the road during rain.

-If water enters the car, switch off the engine immediately.

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