Kalyan Chart – If you do not pay attention to this one thing while using AC, the camera will never cool down and you will keep sweating!

Be it hot summer or sticky rainy weather, AC air feels the best. Especially in monsoon, AC gives relief. AC air is dry and that is why it is very effective in sticky weather. But users sometimes make such mistakes due to which the cooling of AC will not last in the room. Along with this, electricity bill will also keep increasing due to this small mistake of yours.

AC will cool well only when your room is completely packed. If there are small open spaces in your room, the cooling will keep going out and this will affect the cooling of the room. Many times you must have noticed that there is so much space around the window and below the door that the air keeps going out continuously.

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If air continues to go out of the AC, the room will not cool properly, and you will continue to feel hot.

Apart from this, if air is leaking out from the door and window, then the room will not be able to cool down to the set temperature, due to which the compressor will also not turn off. If the compressor of your AC keeps running continuously, then your electricity meter will run fast. That means you will suffer a huge loss due to this.

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You must know that if you have set the AC to 24, it means that when the temperature of your room reaches 24 degrees, the compressor will automatically turn off and at that time only the fan of the AC will run.

Let us tell you that due to AC, the electricity bill meter runs only when its compressor is running, otherwise the meter does not run fast due to its fan running. Therefore, if you do not keep the room properly sealed, the air from the AC will keep going out. This will not cool the room and the electricity bill will also start coming higher.

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