Kalyan Chart – iPhone is not the designer’s favorite, so which device is his favorite?

New Delhi. Jony Ive, the designer of most of Apple’s devices, has said that his favorite Apple product is not the iPhone but the Apple Watch. He said this in a podcast. He said, “I am proud of the way we made the watch. Because this is something that we started after Steve (Jobs) left.” Let us tell you that Apple Watch was launched in 2014.

This was the first major product launch since the death of Steve Jobs in 2011. Ive also left the company in 2019 after working with Apple for 2 decades. Ive said in a podcast called “Life in Seven Songs”, “This is one of my most personal products.” He has explained how Apple’s devices reached from desktop to body-worn products.

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Ive said, “Apple products started as something on your desk, then it went into your bag, then it went into your pocket. Then it went onto your wrist.” He said that people have a different connection with things that can be worn. According to Ive, “I have always loved watches. I think as a category it is very interesting.”

When Ive was at Apple, he designed many iconic products. These include the iPhone, iPad and MacBook. He played a major role in making Apple a user-friendly brand. Apple Watch has become a major source of revenue for the company today. In the first quarter of 2024, Apple Watch contributed $7.9 billion to the company’s total revenue.

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