Kalyan Chart – Maruti lost the car race, lost the number 1 crown, people bought this cheap car instead of WagonR

New Delhi. Maruti Suzuki sells the most vehicles in the country. The company is manufacturing cars from cheap to expensive for every type of customer. Not only this, the company is manufacturing many models of cars in the hatchback, sedan and SUV segment, due to which customers get more options and due to this people are drawn towards Maruti cars. There is a tussle between the companies in the market to sell more cars. Earlier Maruti used to dominate in every model and design of cars but now Maruti has started facing tough competition from other companies in the market and companies like Tata Motors and Hyundai are at the forefront in this.

Talking about Tata Motors, the company was known in the market for its big cars like Safari and Sumo. But sensing the market, the company has launched SUVs in the budget segment, which has increased the problems of Maruti. Tata Motors is selling compact SUVs at the same price at which Maruti is offering hatchbacks and that too with 5-star safety rating. That is, the company is challenging Maruti in all three matters of price, model and safety. Now due to this, a compact SUV of Tata Motors has become the best selling car in the country.

Better safety and practicality at a lower cost
This car of Tata needs no introduction. Here we are talking about Tata Motors’ Punch SUV, which has been made the first choice of more than 18,000 people last month. In June 2024, Tata Punch became the number-1 best-selling car with sales of 18,238 units. It also surpassed Maruti’s new generation Swift in sales. The popularity of Punch can be gauged from the fact that its sales have increased by 66% as compared to June 2023.

FIRST PUBLISHED : July 7, 2024, 06:16 IST

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