Kalyan Chart – Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg Instagram Viral Video X Elon Musk Jibe at Know details here | Zuckerberg was seen surfing with flag and beer, Elon Musk took a dig and said

Elon Musk Reaction on Mark Zuckerberg Viral Video: On the occasion of America’s 248th Independence Day, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg celebrated by surfing while drinking beer and holding the US flag in his hand. This video of Zuckerberg is going viral on social media in which everyone is shocked to see his rocking avatar.

Now it is not possible that something like this happens and there is no reaction from X’s owner Elon Musk. Elon Musk is always in the news due to his new statements. Now on the celebration of America’s Independence Day, Mark Zuckerberg posted his video on Facebook and Instagram page, after which Elon Musk gave his reaction on X regarding this.

The SpaceX and Tesla CEO reacted on Twitter (formerly Twitter) by writing that Mark Zuckerberg can continue his fun by surfing but I prefer to work.

Mark Zuckerberg shared this video

While posting the video on Instagram, Mark Zuckerberg wrote, ‘Happy Birthday America!’. Ever since this video was posted, it has created a stir on the internet. This 32-second video has received more than six and a half lakh likes so far. This shows that netizens are liking Zuckerberg’s video (Mark Zuckerberg Instagram Viral Video) a lot.

Mark Zuckerberg looks very cool in this video. This video shared on Instagram has received more than 8 lakh 82 thousand likes so far.

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