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Monsoon Special Gadgets: Monsoon has arrived in many states of India. At some places it is raining lightly, while at other places it is raining heavily. This rain sometimes becomes a cause of trouble for people. There are some gadgets to avoid rain, which can be very useful for you in monsoon. Apart from being economical, you can easily get these.

Groz Portable Pocket-Sized COB LED Flashlight

It has been seen many times that while going for camping, people have to pass through the jungle and darkness. At that time they do not have anything to light up. So to avoid such things, this portable flashlight from Groz can be very useful for you. Due to its small size, there will be no problem in carrying it anywhere. Along with this, you can use this portable flashlight not only outside but also at home in case of power failure.

HSR Rainproof Film Sticker

Although this is not a gadget, but it can be very useful during rains. In the rain, you cannot see clearly due to water falling on the rear-view mirror of your car, but with the help of this waterproof anti-fog and anti-sticker, you will be able to see clearly while driving the car. Before buying this sticker, check whether it fits properly in your car or not.

CASEOLOGY Waterproof Phone Pouch

These waterproof phone pouches will protect your phone from water. Whether you are going on a trip or going to office in the rain. This will be very useful for you during the entire monsoon season. You will get this waterproof phone pouch for Rs 1605 with 51 percent discount on Amazon.

ARCTICOOL Portable Mini Fan

Monsoon gives relief from the scorching heat but also brings sticky humidity. To avoid this, Arcticool portable mini fan can be very useful for you. You can use it to avoid humidity and sweat. Apart from this, if there is no electricity in the house, then it can be used, if you are going on a trip somewhere, then it can be very useful for you. This portable mini fan is available on Amazon with a discount of 46% for Rs 537.

Owme Mini Folding Windproof Travel Umbrella

Apart from all these things, if there is anything that will be most useful for you to protect yourself from water, then it is a mini folding windproof travel umbrella. Usually the umbrellas available in the market are quite long and big. Which is difficult to carry with you anywhere. To eliminate this problem, this mini folding umbrella will also fit in your small bag. This umbrella is available on Amazon for Rs 589.

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