Kalyan Chart – Monsoon Tips how to Protect your smartphone during the rain know the all details here

How to Protect Your Smartphone in Monsoon: It is very important to take special care of electronic gadgets during the rainy season. If you do not take care of them, you may suffer a big loss. By taking care of some things, you will not only save yourself from loss but will also be able to keep your smartphone safe. Let us know what are such tips.

People have to go out in the rain for many important works including office. In such a situation, protecting the smartphone from water is a challenge. For this, you can save many gadgets including your smartphone by using some important things given below.

use a waterproof bag

If there is one thing that will be most useful in protecting your gadgets during the rainy season, it is a waterproof bag. By using this, all your electronic gadgets will remain safe from water. There is no risk of water entering a good waterproof bag. Due to which your gadgets will also remain safe.

You can easily find waterproof bags at affordable prices both in the market and online. Always keep your gadgets and essential items in a bag while going out during the rainy season.

Do not place gadgets on wet surfaces

It has been seen many times that people unknowingly keep their gadgets on a wet surface. Due to which the gadgets get damaged on coming in contact with water and due to one mistake of yours, you will incur a loss of thousands. So take special care of this.

Do this when your gadgets get wet

If your device gets wet, use a silicone cover to dry it. Take special care not to charge the wet device immediately. First of all, clean the charging port of the device. Do not use a hairdryer to dry the device. Also, do not turn on the device immediately. Keep the device in a dry place to dry it.

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