Kalyan Chart – Ola Maps: Ola left Google Maps, now the company will run cabs on its own map, artificial AI will show wonders

New Delhi. Online taxi company Ola will no longer use Google Maps for navigation. The company has announced to shift to its own developed map platform Ola Maps. The company has said that this will help in saving Rs 100 crore annually in the cost of map service.

In a statement, Ola co-founder Bhavish Aggarwal said that after exiting Azure last month, we have now completely exited Google Maps as well. We used to spend Rs 100 crore annually on this, but this month we have reduced this expenditure to zero thanks to our in-house Ola Maps. Bhavish Aggarwal has advised app users to update their Ola App.

AI based map will help
The announcement comes three months after the Ola Group of Companies moved its entire system to in-house artificial intelligence (AI) firm Krutrim after ending its tie-up with Microsoft Azure.

On May 11, Agarwal wrote on X that the firm was ending its relationship with Microsoft Azure. He had said that the firm’s artificial intelligence would be fully capable of meeting map and navigation needs within a week. While launching Krutrim AI, the firm had said that there would also be mapping solutions within the cloud services.

Apart from AI, Ola Maps is also capable of providing location intelligence services including mapping and location-based services to developers. In October 2021, Ola acquired Geospoke, a Pune-based provider of geospatial services. Ola Maps currently serves the mapping needs of the company’s flagship ride-hailing app.

The company also announced plans to roll out Ola Maps for its electric two-wheelers as part of a software update in January.

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