Kalyan Chart – Samsung Galaxy Smart Ring Launching Date 10 July 2024 Specifications features price leak details

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus: Tech giant Samsung, which makes smartphones, is going to launch its first smart ring on July 10. The name of this ring will be Samsung Galaxy Ring. Samsung Galaxy Ring was first teased in January. The company has not yet disclosed the features and specifications of this smart ring, although leaked details have surfaced. In which a hint of its price has also been found.

According to DLabs, the price of Galaxy Ring in France can be 449 Euros, which means it will be equivalent to about 40 thousand 500 rupees in India. Along with this, it has also been revealed in the leak that this ring will be offered in France in three color options black, silver and gold.

This ring will be available in nine sizes from US standard 5 to 13. It is being said that this ring will be connected directly to the battery. The bigger size ring will have more battery life.

You will get these great features in Samsung Smart Ring

This Samsung ring will have many features such as sensors for health tracking, and it also comes with a metallic body. This ring will come with heart rate monitoring, SpO2 (Blood Oxygen) monitor, sleep tracking and many more features. This product will be completely new for India, because such a product is going to be launched in India for the first time.

According to Elec Report, Samsung is planning to make 4 lakh units initially. The report also says that this production can be increased after the market response. Its production will start in May amid its launch on July 10, which completely depends on its response.

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