Kalyan Chart – Samsung is now bringing Galaxy Ring with display, pictures revealed, will get many new features

Samsung is set to launch a wearable smart ring at the Galaxy Unpacked event on July 10. However, a new patent application hints that Samsung is working on another smart wearable ring with a completely different design. GizmoChina reports that the patent application was filed in the United States Patent Application Publication in May 2024.

samsung galaxy ring

The second generation Galaxy Ring may have a display

As you can see from the image above, the new smart ring (possibly the second generation Galaxy Ring) will have a flat side on the outer layer while the inner layer will be round. It is being speculated that the flat part of the outer layer will have a display while the inner part will have sensors. An image also supports this speculation, which you can see below.

The ring can come with two displays

Additionally, it is rumoured that the second-generation ring may come with two displays: one for app icons and another to show content or information when the app icon is clicked. Both screens will work simultaneously depending on the user’s input. However, the images in the patent application do not clearly show multiple displays on the device.

The display lets you easily view some important information like workout stats and heart rate without touching your phone. It can also let you know about incoming calls and notifications.

samsung galaxy ring

It is also clear from the images that the second generation ring may have a much larger internal volume than the first generation Galaxy Ring. This hints that the upcoming ring will have more things inside (such as a larger battery capacity or additional sensors) for better functionality.

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Will also measure PPG and ECG

According to the patent listing, the Galaxy Ring will measure galvanic skin response (GSR), SPO2, PPG and ECG. It will also have a temperature sensor, acceleration sensor, fingerprint sensor and a switch. One reason for increasing the volume inside the ring could be that more sensors will be installed in it.

Nevertheless, this device will still need to communicate with the phone and will likely use Bluetooth for connectivity. It is also speculated that the device may support Wi-Fi, NFC, and MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission) for payments.

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The ring will come in several sizes

According to the patent, this second generation ring will also come in many sizes. There will be 27 ring sizes in South Korea and 65 sizes in the US. Talking about the launch of the product, it is still in its initial development phase, and whether the company will launch it or not depends on the success of the development.

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