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Sarco Death Capsule: In today’s time, the number of people committing suicide is increasing rapidly. Some are not happy with their life, while some are defeated by their fate. Euthanasia is banned in almost all the countries of the world and in India committing suicide comes under the category of crime. But there is a country where people can commit suicide as per their wish.

Switzerland is the only country in the world where people can commit ‘assisted suicide’ of their own free will, although there is a condition regarding this. The condition is that the person who wishes to die should be suffering from a serious illness.

Not only this, a Death Capsule has also been prepared to ensure painless death. According to Swiss Media, this death capsule is going to be used for the first time.

Who made this death capsule?

A company named Exit Switzerland has created the Sarco death capsule. A person will die within a few seconds of sitting in it. Dr. Philip Nitschke, the creator of the death capsule, told about this capsule while talking to the Daily Mail. According to Dr. Philip, this capsule will help those people who want to die without any pain.

According to Swiss news outlet NZZ, the live use of Sarco is planned for July, with the plan being to select people who want euthanasia and have travelled to the country. Exit Switzerland’s website says “coming soon” under a picture of the capsule.

How will the death capsule work?

According to Dr. Philip Nitschke, whoever gets into this machine will be asked three questions. First, who are you? Second, where are you? And third, do you know what will happen if you press the button? After this, the person will have to answer it by speaking, as soon as he answers, the software in the capsule turns on the power, after which the button in it becomes active. As soon as you press the button, you will die.

According to Dr. Philip, when a person goes into sarco, his oxygen level is 21 percent. But as soon as the button is pressed, it takes 30 seconds for the oxygen level to drop to less than one percent.

Sarco death capsule is being opposed

Protests have also erupted against the death capsule Sarco created by Exit Switzerland. Pro-life groups have warned that the pods made using 3D printers glamorize suicide.

According to James Mildred, director of CARE, Dr. Philip Nitschke’s device has been criticized by many people. He said that suicide is a tragedy that good societies try to prevent under all circumstances, there are ethical ways to help human beings that do not involve the destruction of life.

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