Kalyan Chart – Smartphone Tips: what should you do after hacking phone 3 steps need to know here

What to do after phone hacking: Nowadays hackers hack your phone using new methods. After which they misuse your valuable data. After the phone is hacked, your bank details, important passwords, photos, videos all come under the control of the hacker, due to which a lot of damage can be caused.

If your phone is hacked then you start getting some signals. You have to follow some steps given below, after which even after the phone is hacked the hacker will not be able to do any harm to your phone. Let’s know

Reset the phone immediately

First of all, you have to format your phone immediately. Before resetting, take a backup of the data on Google Drive. Hackers send you some photos and videos after which they can hack your phone. These are the files that contain malware. After this, hackers keep getting complete information about your phone. If you reset the phone, there is a possibility of the virus being eliminated.

Get a new SIM card on the old number

You can know about hacking of your phone through WhatsApp. If the name of some other phone is appearing in your linked device, it means that your SIM card has been cloned. To avoid this, immediately block that number and get a new SIM card on the same number.

Keep an eye on social media accounts

When mobile phones are hacked, the hacker can also try to reset your social media accounts. In such a situation, you need to keep an eye on your social media accounts as well. If you feel so, deactivate your account for some time or keep an eye on each login session.

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