Kalyan Chart – South Korea Robot Committed Suicide after heavy workload Gumi City Council know details

Robot commits ‘suicide’: It is often seen that people take wrong steps in panic due to not being able to handle work pressure. Many such cases have come to light across the world. But have you ever thought that a robot will commit suicide due to excessive work pressure? Yes, this is a bit shocking, but true.

Actually, a case has come to light from South Korea, which has shocked and troubled everyone around the world. No one is able to understand how a robot can commit suicide. This entire incident is from Gumi City Council of South Korea.

What is the whole matter?

According to the information, this robot was working in the City Council building, and people found it scattered under a staircase between the first and second floor of the same building. According to the people present there, they had seen abnormal behavior in the robot some time before it fell. Since then, people are raising questions about the reason behind this condition of the robot.

The city council decided

After the robot’s suicide, people in Gumi City are very upset. In view of this, the Gumi City Council has decided to stop its plans to employ robots.

After this decision, some people have been surprised because South Korea is one of those countries where robots are being employed in companies and factories at a rapid pace. Taking such a decision there is surprising.

This robot was made by California’s startup company Bear Robotics. At present, this incident has given birth to a new issue regarding robots in the future.

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