Kalyan Chart – There is a ‘black button’ on the car’s seat belt, very few people know its function

New Delhi. It is advisable to wear a seat belt while driving. It is necessary for safety and can save lives in case of an accident. However, there are many small things related to the car, which even the drivers themselves are not aware of. One such thing is the black button given in the seat belt of the car. Like the seat belt, this is also very useful and we claim that many people will not know about its use.

Although its function is very simple, and anyone can easily understand it. But very few people would ever pay attention to it and think about its use. Actually, this button prevents the buckle on the seat belt from moving backwards.

What is the function of the button on the seat belt?
There is a buckle on the seat belt. When the person sitting on the seat pulls the seat belt attached to the side towards him, the buckle is inserted inside the groove made on the side, where it gets stuck. But when the buckle is removed, it becomes loose and can slide down on the belt. To avoid the inconvenience of pulling it up again and again, this small button is made on the seat belt. It does not get pressed, but it stops the buckle from going backwards, and remains in the front. It does not go backwards, due to which the person tying it does not face any inconvenience. In this way the buckle can be kept in the front.

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This sign on the dashboard is also useful
Now that we are talking about the car, you should also know about a sign on the dashboard of the car which is very useful. This sign has a petrol tank and an arrow. This arrow tells which direction the petrol tank is in the car. This makes it easy to fill petrol. For more information, you can read the full news by clicking on this link. Did you know about this? If not, then stay connected to News18 Hindi for such amazing facts, where we will keep telling you interesting things.

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