Kalyan Chart – This mode of AC is very useful in rain, as soon as the setting is changed, cooling will increase and humidity will end

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A special mode is provided in AC for monsoon.

AC Tips for Monsoon: Monsoon has arrived in most parts of the country. Rainfall has brought some relief from the heat but it has increased the problem of humidity and stickiness. Coolers and fans provide some relief in the humid heat but they fail completely in removing the humidity. Air conditioners are a great help in the monsoon season as well as in the summer. Air conditioners are the best option for humid summer.

However, it has been seen many times that people who have AC installed at their homes also get troubled by humidity as soon as the rain comes. A big reason for this is running the AC in the wrong mode i.e. in the wrong setting. During the rainy season, there is a need to make some changes in the settings of the AC so that we can remove humidity and stickiness from the room. If we run the AC in the May-June setting, then it will not give proper cooling and the humidity in the room will also increase.

Run AC in this mode in the rain

Let us tell you that most of the ACs available in the market today are working on new technology. Different modes are provided in both split AC and window AC according to different seasons. You can use different modes of AC according to the weather and temperature.

In the rainy season, we feel less heat but due to increased humidity in the air, it becomes humid and sticky. To overcome this, you can use the dry mode of the air conditioner. By using the dry mode of the AC, you can keep the room cool without humidity even in the rainy season. For this, you do not have to do much, just select the dry mode in the remote and your problem will be solved.

How does the dry mode of AC work

When you select dry mode in AC, the cooling coil of the AC becomes cold. After it is turned on, the air of the room passes through this coil. As soon as the moisture in the air comes in contact with this cold coil, it converts into water droplets and goes out through the drainage pipe. In this way, AC completely removes the moisture from your room.

The moisture present in the air comes in contact with this cold coil and the water vapour cools down and changes into water droplets. This water then flows out through the drainage pipe and the moisture in the room is reduced to a minimum. After this, the cool air in the room gives you a Shimla-like feel. Let us tell you that in the dry mode of the AC, you do not even need to increase the cooling. If you run the AC in dry mode in the rainy season even at 26 degrees temperature, you will still get good cooling.

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