Kalyan Chart – What is the 80:20 rule for charging a smartphone? If you know this, the life of your phone and battery will increase

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Many times the battery of the smartphone gets damaged due to our mistakes.

The use of smartphones has increased a lot in our daily routine life. We cannot live even for a few hours without a smartphone. Today, we do almost every important work through smartphones, whether it is money transactions or entertainment. If our phone gets damaged, many of our important works can stop. We also need to take care of the smartphone to keep it working properly. We have to take special care of its battery health.

If you charge your smartphone’s battery in the wrong way, then the battery starts draining fast. On the other hand, if you charge it regularly, then you can increase the battery life of your phone to a great extent. While charging the smartphone, we must follow the 80-20 rule.

There are many people who put their phones on charging anytime. Not only this, they also make a big mistake while charging which affects the battery life a lot. Let us tell you what the 80-20 rule is and how it increases the battery life of the phone.

The 80-20 rule for charging your phone

While putting the phone on charging, we should take special care of some things so that the battery life is not spoiled. There are many users who put the phone on charging and wait for it to be fully charged. That means even if the phone is 90 or 95 percent charged, they wait for it to be charged up to 100%. If you also do this, then correct this habit of yours today itself.

Experts believe that if you charge your phone up to 80 percent then it gives the best battery life. The phone should never be fully charged. If your phone is charged up to 80 to 90 percent then you should remove it from charging.

Keep this in mind while putting it on charging

Similarly, people make mistakes while putting the phone on charging. Many users use the phone till its battery is completely dead. The battery should never be taken to 0 percent. If you want to increase the battery life of the phone, then never let the phone’s battery go below 20 percent. Whenever the phone’s battery reaches below 20 percent, you should put it on charging.

In this way, if you follow the 80-20 rule of phone charging, then you can increase the battery life of your old phone as well. This rule will not only increase the battery life but you will also see a big impact on the battery backup.

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