Kalyan Chart – WhatsApp will not work on these 30 smartphones, is your phone also in the list?

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If you have any phone from the list then you should save your WhatsApp data.

In today’s time, WhatsApp helps us a lot in staying connected with each other. It has become a major instant messaging app. Around 2.4 billion people use it all over the world. The interface of WhatsApp is very easy and at the same time it gives users many facilities like messaging, voice calling, video calling and document sharing on one platform. For the convenience of millions of users, the company keeps bringing new features from time to time and also keeps making some changes in its platform.

If you use WhatsApp on your phone, then there is some good news for you. Actually, keeping in mind the safety and privacy of the users, the company owned by Meta has taken a big step. WhatsApp is going to stop its support in about 35 smartphones. Therefore, if you use WhatsApp, then you should be careful.

WhatsApp will remove its support from about 35 smartphones in the upcoming update. This list includes both iOS and Android smartphones. In such a situation, if you have a smartphone included in the list and you use WhatsApp on it, then you may have to face problems in the future. Let us tell you about these smartphones.

WhatsApp update will not be available on this smartphone

  1. Samsung Galaxy Ace 2018
  2. Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  3. Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  4. Samsung Galaxy Note 10
  5. Samsung Galaxy S4
  6. Samsung Galaxy A32
  7. Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
  8. Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini
  9. Samsung Galaxy S4 Active
  10. Moto X
  11. Moto G
  12. iPhone SE
  13. iPhone 5
  14. iPhone 6
  15. iPhone 6S
  16. iPhone 6S Plus
  17. Huawei Ascend G525
  18. Huawei Ascend P6S
  19. Huawei P20 Pro
  20. Huawei C199
  21. Huawei Y625
  22. Lenovo A858T
  23. Lenovo (46600)
  24. Lenovo S890
  25. Lenovo-P70
  26. Sony Xperia E3
  27. Sony Xperia Z1
  28. LG Optimus G
  29. LG Optimus 4X HD
  30. LG Optimus L7

After receiving the upcoming update on all the smartphones included in the list, the WhatsApp application will stop running. If you have any of these smartphones, then you should immediately save your WhatsApp data. Now no security update of any kind will be given to all these phones.

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