Kalyan Chart – WhatsApp Working on Personalized AI Avatars Feature for Users

WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will let users create personalized AI avatars of themselves that can be placed in a number of virtual settings. The feature, spotted in WhatsApp beta for Android version, uses a combination of user-provided photos, text prompts, and Meta’s AI Llama model to generate these custom avatars, reports The Verge.

According to screenshots captured by The Verge, users will have the option to imagine themselves in any setting, from a jungle to space. The generated photos are reportedly reminiscent of those created by popular AI generators like Lensa AI or Snapchat’s Dreams selfie feature.

To generate these personalized avatars, WhatsApp users will initially have to submit their photos, which will serve as reference photos for Meta AI. Users can then create their avatars by typing commands like imagine me followed by the settings description in a Meta AI chat, or by using “@Meta AI imagine me…” in other WhatsApp conversations.

The feature is expected to be optional and users will need to manually enable it in WhatsApp settings. Apart from this, users will have the option to remove reference photos stored in Meta AI settings at any time, taking privacy and control over personal data. There is no information yet about the general availability of this new AI avatar feature. WhatsApp continues to support its Meta AI chatbot and real-time AI photo generation capability exclusively in the United States.

So, according to The Verge, the launch of the AI ​​avatar feature could be gradual as WhatsApp and Meta navigate the issues associated with generative AI tools. Given past challenges with generative AI technology, Meta is taking a better vision to deliver the functionality and security of this upcoming feature.

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