Kalyan Chart – Xiaomi Mijia Expandable Suitcase Price 379 CNY Launched 20 24 Inch Size Crack Free Material Features and More

Xiaomi is not limited to just smartphones or small home appliances in its domestic market, but it has a large range of backpacks and suitcases, which has now added a new model. Xiaomi has launched a new suitcase for travelers, whose model name is Mijia Expandable Suitcase (translated from Chinese). It has been introduced in 20-inch and 24-inch sizes. As the name suggests, the new trolley suitcase can be expanded slightly as per the need, so that a little more luggage can be put inside it than the original capacity. As we told, the company’s portfolio has many household products from small to large. Recently Xiaomi also introduced a smart water purifier and two security cameras with AI features in China.

IThome’s according toXiaomi Mijia Expandable Suitcase has been launched in China in two sizes. Its 20-inch size model is now available for purchase at 379 yuan (about Rs 4,350) and the 24-inch size is available for 479 yuan (about Rs 5,500). They have been introduced in gray and blue colors.

Talking about the features, both models look like a normal trolley suitcase, but their biggest feature is their expandable design. They have a 6.5cm expandable level, which can increase the capacity by 30%. For example, the 20-inch case can expand to a capacity of 52L when needed.

It includes Covestro’s PC material, which provides a multi-layer pressure-resistant structure for a crack-proof shell. Metal powder technology enhances shine and texture. It has large-diameter wheels. Apart from this, Xiaomi has included an all-aluminum alloy pull rod equipped with anodizing technology in the suitcase. This rod closes and goes completely inside the suitcase, making the surface flat and the user can work by placing the laptop on it or use it as a tray.

As we mentioned, the company also recently launched some other products in China. The Chinese tech giant has introduced the Smart Filtered Water Dispenser Pro (Xiaomi Smart Filtered Water Dispenser Pro). It comes with a 6-stage RO filtration setup to remove heavy metals and bacteria from water. It has a 4.4 liter water tank, which supports UV sterilization. At the same time, there is also a separate 1.8 liter compartment to collect dirty water.

Additionally, Xiaomi has introduced the C300 and C500 indoor dual-lens security cameras in China. Both cameras boast enhanced monitoring. The C300 comes with two 3-megapixel lenses, including a 6mm PTZ telephoto lens and a 2.8mm fixed wide-angle lens, offering 360-degree horizontal and 88-degree vertical field of view. It also features night vision, AI human detection, virtual fence, and AI face recognition. The Xiaomi C500 gets two 4-megapixel lenses with panoramic 360-degree horizontal and 93-degree vertical view, pet detection, bassy cry detection, and dual-camera collaboration. Both models come with Xiaomi’s HyperOS for smooth interaction with other smart home appliances.

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